Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Displays: The Library - Your Shelter From The Storm!

 April displays are up! Once again Deb, our fabulous secretary, has taken creativity to new heights. This month's theme is The Library: Your Shelter from the Storm.We thought it was appropriate because, for many students, the library provides a refuge from all different kinds of storms, like bullying, overcrowded cafeterias, and bad days.
Above: The main circulation desk
We have no concerns about open umbrellas bringing bad luck, so we suspended them from the ceiling and hung rain drops stitched together along with 3D clouds - both inspired by Pintrest
Open umbrellas and stitched paper raindrop chains
 Here's another shot that shows off the open umbrellas from afar. 
A different view of the umbrellas.
And here's our nod to School Library Week. I know it's not much, but the sign's on the circulation desk where every kid can see it, so hopefully it makes a little impact.

What are you April displays like?

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  1. Due to QSAC regs we are not allowed to hang anything from ceilings, stuffed toys, potted plants, or anything th8ng that catches dust. Living sequestered in NJ!