Monday, December 7, 2009

Apps for Education on our iTouch

Our School Library System has blessed us with a free iTouch. Kids are borrowing it left and right -- so far it's been checked out 36 times in about two weeks. It's available for use in the library during studyhalls - they check it out, use, and return it before the bell rings. Our 8th and 9th graders much more into using this than a "plain old mp3 player" with audiobooks on it.

I initially struggled with what to put on it. My first thought was NO GAMES, but I have games ALL OVER my library, so that didn't make sense. After a little research and some serious time exploring the iTunes store, I decided on the following downloads. I've marked games with "gaming app." The ones I picked all have some "educational" content, whether it's building vocabulary, using physics principles, or manipulating numbers. I tried to avoid games that focused on manual dexterity, like racing or shooting, as my gut instinct says they're not "educational" enough, but I'll probably readdress this at a later point in time.

In addition to games, I have podcasts , audiobooks, and classical "study music" I found for free online.

* Alice in Wonderland
* Archie: Freshman Year #1
* Associate This -- gaming app
* Checkers Free -- gaming app
* The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition
* Constitution for the iPhone
* Covert Units for Free
* Cooking Mama Lite -- gaming app
* Dots Free -- gaming app
* Fairy Tales
* Finger Physics Free -- gaming app
* FREE French Tutor
* FREE German Tutor
* FREE Spanish Tutor
* FREE French Audio FlashCards
* Greek Gods
* Grim's Fairy Tales
* Hangman Classic Free -- gaming app
* History: Maps of World
* iPhopias - 300 FREE Phobias
* iThesaurus
* iTranslate - Spanish (Lite)
* Learn Chess - gaming app
* Mancala: FS5 (Free)
* Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
* Molecules
* Musee du Louvre
* My Spanish Coach
* NASA app for iPhone
* Periodic Table and Atomic Mass
* Pride and Predjudice
* QuizQuizQuiz -- gaming app
* Romeo and Juliet
* Science Glossary
* Shakespeare
* Star Trek Comics
* Stars
* States&Capitals Free
* Sudoku (Free) -- gaming app
* Transformers Comics
* Twilight: The Movie Game -- gaming app
* The U.S. States & Capitals Lite
* USA Factbook Free
* USA Presidents
* Whirly Word
* Wikipanion
* Words with Friends Free -- gaming app
* World Wide Capitals
* 3D Brain

It's been a great experiment, and I can't wait to see what happens as more and more students get their hands on it.

Anyone have others to reccomend?