Thursday, March 22, 2012

April Showers Bulletin Board/Displays

We're in creation mode and gearing up to switch out our Read Across America hoopla with our April displays.This month's theme is "Rainy Days are for Reading." (Imagine the image below rotated 90 degrees - darn Blogger!) 

We're loving our Pintrest inspiration images, so here's the one that got our creative juices flowing:


Image via Pintrest from Etsy

This one also sparked a few ideas:

Image from Pintrest

Here's a peak at some of the things that are piling-up in our back room. Our main display involves many, many, colorful umbrellas. Obviously we don't buy into the idea that opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck -- but we'll let you know in May if we see an uptick in uncooperative studyhall visitors. :)

An up close look at some of the separate elements. The clouds are multiple layers folded and stitched together on a sewing machine.

Raindrop chains were also made by stitching paper cutouts together with a machine.

The smaller display areas are going to sport origami umbrellas.There are all kinds of YouTube videos on how to make origami umbrellas - but we gave up on following tutorials when we realized our volunteers didn't have enough patience for the process. They ended up doing simpler folding, and just went crazy with the decorating aspect. Here's a sample (excuse the blown-out colors - it's not easy to see).

April is also national School Library Month. We weren't feeling the theme "You belong @ your school library," so we're only doing a small display with it (does anyone else feel guilty when they don't go over the top with big "library holidays?").

Image from AASL
What are your display plans for April?

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