Monday, May 21, 2012

May Book Displays: Roll Into A Good Book

Better late than never, right? For May, our book displays celebrated National Bike Month. If your school sponsors a "bike to school" day, this kind of showcase is a great way to promote it.

Because I was late taking photos this month, certain parts of our display are looking a little weary. Not everything we come up with is a home run - check out our sad "bike tires" - repurposed trufella tree trunks. Though, the bike was a hit - kids loved ringing the bell on the handle bars. Eventually we scraped the "tires" and just moved the signs to the columns on either side of the desk.

We used tricycles and scooter type toys on the display shelves, along with Fourth of July table decorations.

We used the theme to display books that in some way deal with wheels, including NASCAR, skateboarding, and cards.

We REALLY wanted to include a couple of stationary bikes, so kids could pedal as they read, but we couldn't find any, so we scrapped that idea at the last minute.

What are your May book display ideas?

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