Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Book Dispays : Inspired byJ. Crew and Pintrest

Some of the best ideas for our book displays come from non-library sources. This month was no exception.

Image from here.
The inspiration? J. Crew's current window featuring accordion pleated circles. I'm digging it 'cause it's festive and special, but it's not overly sicky-sweet and cutesy.

Here's our interpretation of the display:
 It was a great way to use up back issues of magazines, and we had an assembly line going with study hall kids. There's a small frame on the right side of the desk (made out of rolled up magazines) with a sign that reads: Books We <3. The books we picked were just ones with pink and red covers. Here's another view:

For our secondary display I found inspiration on Pintrest. I've been meaning to make paper garlands like these for my Christmas tree.
Pin from this Etsy store.
Here's how my version looks:
It was an easy project to cut out a bunch of paper hearts and then stitch them together with my sewing machine. I like the way the hearts twist and shake with as the heat comes on.

Here's an up close view:


  1. Your pleated circles are terrific and I love your heart garlands! I wish I could hang things from the ceiling of my junior high school library but the Fire Marshall won't allow it. I'll have to find a new way to interpret your wonderful ideas into a display a different way. Thanks for sharing these photos!

    1. We definitely test our custodians' patience when it comes our display plans. I think having a well stocked candy drawer helps them tolerate us. :)

  2. I've been trying to replicate your JCrew magazine fans. How did you do the middle part? Mine look horrible. I've searched the net and can't find directions. Thanks for your wonderful blog. It inspires me!

    1. Christi - We use a total of four different fans to make each circle. The individual fans are stapled in the middle, and then two edges of each individual fan are glued together to form a quarter circle. We then take four of the quarter circle fans, and glue all the edges together to make a full circle. Does that make sense? Let me know if you're still confused, and I'll try to take some photos for you.

    2. With my husbands help, I think we have it! Thanks for the reply. Enjoy the rest of your summer.