Saturday, June 25, 2011

ISTE here I come!

This week I'm headed to ISTE - the International Society for Technology in Education conference. (Thanks, OCM BOCES SLS, for the scholarship!) I can't wait! This is one conference I've never been to, but I think every single session sounds intriguing!

Here are some of the sessions I'm looking forward to:

* The Art of the Remix: Incorporating Collaborative Writing in the Classroom
"Discover how to craft a collective essay by writing, remixing, and voting on submissions with MixedInk's free collaborative writing tool. Requires MixedInk account."

I'm pumped for this session because our 8th grade English classes are held in a writing workshop format. I've never heard of MixedInk, but I'm loving the little description and hoping it's something I can utilize in the fall!
* The iPad Revolution: Innovative Learning in the Classroom
"The iPad brings interactive learning and amazing resources to the fingertips of all learners. Discover the possibilities of learning in your classroom with the iPad."  
If you follow  my blog, you already know I'm all about integrating mobile devices into our instructional practice. I loooved everything we did with our iPod Touch cart this year, and I'm excited to delve into other things when our iPad cart arrives in September. I always get a little nervous in sessions like these, where the topic is something I've been exploring for a while - I hope I hear something new!
* A Gardener's Approach to Learning: Cultivating your Personal Learning Network
"Digital age classrooms require teachers who are master learners-- educators who are curious, connected, and accomplished at cultivating their personal learning gardens."
I'm hoping that David Warlick's presentation can provide a few new ideas on "growing" my PLN. I love sharing via my blog, Twitter, and Facebook, but what else is out there? How can I make connections to people I've never met before?
And this is just the beginning! I'm sure my brain will be nearing it's implosion point come Wednesday afternoon, but I can't wait for all this new learning!

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