Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wii Fit Fridays

January is Wellness Month in our junior high building. The library is embracing Wellness month with displays, like our carrot character at the circulation desk, books, and activities.

As far as activities go, we're celebrating every week with Wii Fit Fridays. We hook up two Wii's in the library - one to a tv, the other attached to the LCD Projector. Students who visit the library during study halls and lunch time can use the Wii to play games like Wii Sports Resort and Wii Just Dance.

For the most part, it works out really well. The kids are excellent at taking turns and sharing. We've only had one minor incident over, of all things, Wii bowling, but ultimately not a huge deal.

At the end of the month the whole building will participate in a Wellness Day with activities like Zumba, yoga, ballroom dancing, and snowshoeing. Also, kids will meet with a panel of nutritionists and participate in a healthy food taste test.

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