Friday, January 21, 2011

The Downhill Slide

This is what our circulation statistics look like for the past three years (as long as I've been working here). The y axis is total number of loans for the month (excuse my lack of proper labels).

Humm...there seems to be a trend! We start off strong in September, and then it's a downhill slide from there. What gives? Is it the enthusiasm of new school year? Students getting bogged down with homework? Teachers lending books out of classroom libraries?

Whatever the cause, the results are a little disconcerting. I want those high numbers ALL. YEAR. LONG.

My goal: Get February's numbers back up. Probably not easy, considering it's a short month, and we miss a week of school for break. We'll come up with something, though.

Anyone else see a similar pattern in your school libraries??

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