Sunday, May 15, 2011

The hunger to jump

"But there are some people, who don’t wait.

I don’t know exactly what going on inside them; but they have this… hunger. It’s almost like an ache.

Something inside you says I can’t wait to be asked I just have to jump in and do it."

Will Richardson posted this quote on his blog. It's originally from Robert Krulwich of NPR.

And it PERFECTLY sums up how I feel on a daily basis.

Is it always a good thing? Nope - half the time it causes extra stress or frustration. I try hard to resist jumping at every opportunity. Sometimes I have to sit on my hands, unplug my keyboard, delete an already composed email, or force myself to walk away from an office door before knocking -- but more times than not, I can't resist - I send that email anyway or knock with reckless abandon.

And even when jumping causes a headache - I willingly sign up to do it again and again - because I'm addicted to those moments when jumping in results in something amazing.

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