Friday, February 4, 2011

February Displays

We're incredibly lucky to have an amazing library secretary. Besides the fact that she's super intelligent, very self-directed, technology savvy, and fun, she's also CREATIVE. This is a fabulous combination for our library needs.

My teaching schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for setting up displays and bulletin boards. Luckily, our secretary loves doing this. She goes out of her way to create visually interesting, diverse, and appropriate displays that change monthly.

Without further ado, here's how the library's looking this month.

Below: The circulation desk is decked out in conversation hearts. Students wrote their favorite book on heart cut-outs, which we plastered around the library. The books on display required very little thinking -- they're just the ones with pink and red covers - easy is never a bad thing! :)

Below: More of the Valentine's Day display. This is "Sweethearts of Literature" -- match the famous couple to the correct book and win a prize.

Below: It's also Black History Month.

Below: Black History Month close-up.

Below: Our 8th grade English classes are about to start reading the Diary of Anne Frank. Here's the accompanying display.

Below: I know it's a pertinent display when it's really messy at the end of every day. The LGBT set-up is one that definitely sees a lot of action.

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