Friday, March 2, 2012

Read Across America -- A SUCCESS!

We're kicking off Day 2 of Read Across America this morning. Right now, Deb, our library secretary is in the back of the room reading Walter the Farting Dog -- junior high kids seem to dig it just as much as elementary students. Here's a few photos from yesterday's events.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loved posing with the Lorax. It was a HUGE hit. We've got Lorax photos plastered all over the school.

Our readers did a great job. Kids love to read out-loud -- no shyness evident. We put a document camera next to the reading chair and hooked it into our ceiling mounted projector, allowing the kids to see the pictures as the book was read.

Lorax mustaches were the HOT item in the junior high yesterday. We had to keep making them, as they were in such high demand.

A reader enjoys a Truffula Tree pop as a reward for his reading efforts. 

The Cat in the Hat roamed the halls to drum up support and encourage students to visit the library. 

How did YOU celebrate Read Across America?

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