Friday, February 10, 2012

Read Across America: The Lorax in the Junior High Library

Our library celebrates Read Across America every March. This year, the NEA has teamed with the new Lorax movie, and the theme is green.
Image from NEA

Plans are already in the works for our March 1 and 2 celebration in the junior high library.
Deb, the library's creative genius, hard at work.
Here's what we've got planned:
Truffula Tree Tops
Finished Truffula Trees

* We're making life-size truffula trees for the month's book display which will feature "green" books about the environment. We don't have a perfect prototype yet for the tree, but the top involves tissue paper balls, and the trunks are the inner cardboard tubes from carpet roles, painted yellow with brown stripes.(Update: We've got finished Truffula trees! Instead of cardboard tubes, which were 12' tall and didn't fit in the car, Deb used foam pipe insulation and wrapped it with yellow ducktape to form stripes, then glued the tissue paper tops to the "trunks.") I also like this idea for trees below - they used pollyfill pinned to styrofoam and spray painted it.

Image from McLellan Style
Image from Pintrest
* We've gotten our science club involved, and we're going to hold a tree planting event. A local nursery has offered to donate baby trees. Before the trees get transplanted outside, they'll live for a week or so inside the library on display shelves in planters that looks like the one to the left. Instead of terracotta pots, we're using #10 cans we got from the cafeteria.

* The Lorax's mustache is fabulous, and our junior high kids still love playing dress-up. We'll be making mustaches on sticks modeled after the Lorax's iconic 'stache. We're jumping on this wedding trend, and setting up a "fauxto" booth area where students can pose with the mustaches and Dr. Seuss' red and white stripped hat.
Image from The Prippy Handbook

* It's not an event without food! We're going to have a make-you-own truffula tree option. Kids can dip the top of their pretzel rods in melted chocolate, and then in colored sprinkles of their choice. We've had popcorn in the past, but it's super messy, so pretzels and sprinkles can't really be any worse. Is it healthy? Ummmm, it could be worse, right?

* As we always do, we'll have a read-a-thon featuring teachers and students. I plan on purchasing Dr. Seuss' eBooks. We'll hook an iPad up to our ceiling mounted projector, allowing students to see the illustrations as the book is read.We've also invited students from ESF, a local college for Environmental Science and Forestry. They're going to help us plant the trees, and hopefully also read.

What fun ideas do you have planned for the event?

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