Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to cookies (win) and trees (fail)

We're back from February break (a return made sweeter by the FOUR! boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that arrived on my desk), and it's full steam ahead as we finish preparing for Read Across America.

Yippie for Girl Scout Cookies!
I'm booked with classes all week (as always), so our other fantastic staff members are tying things up.

Students from SUNY's school of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) came yesterday afternoon. They helped our science club plant conifer seedlings. The planters are adorable, but have you ever try to find tree seedlings in upstate New York in February? Yeah, not an easy task. One of our aides had these trees stored in the barn on her farm. She's been saving them since last summer, and planned to plant them in the spring. We're hoping they're just dormant. Right now, it looks like we stuck some twigs in a little dirt. This is NOT an image that will end up on Pintrest:

Yes, that's a tree. Believe me.
On a more successful note, we've got a Lorax! Our custodian, Mr. Stanton, is a fantastic artist. He's responsible for this life size model. We're going to make it available to kids tomorrow, so they can pose with it in photos.
Mr. Stanton with his Lorax


  1. What was the final design for the truffula tree tops? They look awesome!

    1. Tissue paper puffs! This tutorial gives a pretty good idea of how it's done:


      We just sliced ours more to make it look feathery.