Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Students on Facebook...kinda sorta

Our ninth grade Global Studies curriculum spends a lot of time on religions. Earlier this month, I posted about a digital storytelling project using metaphors to understand different faiths.

I'm back with another religion project, this time using Facebook to explore different beliefs. Students in a ninth grade classroom were asked to create a Facebook page exploring a religion. Adequate research and background knowledge allowed them to develop relevant status updates, select appropriate images, and creatively apply their understanding to establish favorite movies, TV shows, music, and books for a religion.
Above: Clip from student's Facebook page for Buddhism

I mentioned in the post title that it was "kinda sorta" Facebook. The network in my district is much more open than it's ever been, but students still can't access Facebook. So, to get around this, we used a PowerPoint template modeled after a Facebook page. I can't claim credit for the original template - it's been posted many times now, but this might be the original source. We just utilized it in a new way.

Above: Student's Islam Facebook page
Check out our student examples:
Here's the download link to the template I gave the kids (this one's on Shintoism) if you want to use it yourself. Note: This is the "old school" version of Facebook - my kids were quick to point out all the differences between the template and the newest version of the site. I'd love an updated version of the template if any one's got one!

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