Tuesday, March 1, 2011

D.S. Metaphors and Best Friend Collaboration

I work closely with the 9th grade Global Studies teachers in my building, especially the one that also happens to be my best friend.

Collaborating with a best friend/colleague is great because:
  1. They're completely honest. My buddy has no problem telling me if the lesson and/or project didn't live up to her expectaitons.
  2. You can text random ideas about a upcoming lesson to your partner on a Sunday morning without her thinking you're crazy.
  3. You can collaborate in your living room while drinking coffee and eatting cookies (doesn't everyone think best that way!?).
Recently, said best friend and I collaborated on a new digital story project. We've done digital storytelling in the past, but she wasn't satisfied with the critical thinking required for the old project and wanted to raise the bar a few notches. After tossing our ideas around with a wiser, more experienced colleague, we arrived a satisfactory solution:

Our new project requires students to create an extended metaphor comparing a religion to something else. It's great -- students must actually understand all aspects of the religion before they can adequetly compare it to something else. And developing the metaphor? LOADS of creativity required! Students turn their metaphor into a script, find images to illustrate its different aspects, and then produce a digital story.

At the top is one of our favorite projects, comparing Christinaity to a Skyscraper. All the images in the video have a creative commons license (a biggie in my library), but the credits are on paper rather than in the actual video (sorry about that!). Enjoy!

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