Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live and In Person: Managing the Kindle

I've had some more specific questions about how exactly we manage the library Kindles. I'm sure there are great YouTube videos on the subject, but I figured I'd add one more to the mix. In the video below I'll show you how we purchase and add books to our Kindles. Please excuse my gravely voice -- I'm getting over the flu-- I promise I don't normally sound this scary.


  1. Lindsay,
    How do you manage your Kindles as far as your library catalog goes? Do you have marc records for all your downloaded books? Or are these not in your catalog? I'm just curious, because I would like to purchase some Kindles for my high school library.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    We don't yet catalog the ebooks we have on our Kindles, but the Kindles themselves are cataloged, allowing us to check the books out in the circulation system.

    Because we only only six devices, every book I buy is on every Kindle, so that helps keep things organized. We've probably purchased about 30 different titles, so at the moment, my "in-head" catalog works alright. Students most frequently borrow the Kindles to read high demand books like "Hunger Games," "I am Number Four," and "The Maze Runner" -- which is easy enough right now to manage without putting the individual books into our circulation system. It is in the long-term plan, though! :)

    Good luck with introducing Kindles in your school!