Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday's Ahh-Haaa! Moment(s)

When I attend conferences, it's a good day if I can go home with at least ONE new idea.
Yesterday's SLS Fall Conference didn't disappoint.

Ross Todd's session was great, especially when he talked about the kinds of research and learning that **should** be taking place in a school library. He really emphasized the importance of TRANSFORMING research rather than TRANSPORTING research.

Unfortunately, I see classroom projects that require students to transport much too often. The ubiquitous PowerPoint project asking students to collect facts and display them on a series of slides is a frequent offender.

That's my goal for this school year: more projects requiring students to TRANSFORM the facts rather than TRANSPORT the facts.

Sue Kowalski, a middle school librarian in the East Syracuse Minoa district, gets credit for the other great take-home idea. She used the database TeachingBooks.Net to hold a virtual author festival in her school. TeachingBooks.Net is a resource provided by our library system -- I've never used it, but I totally should because it offers hundreds of short author interviews. I think I'll do our own mini-festival, using it as alternative to book talks. Sue said that after the kids watched the author videos, they were clamouring for books written by their favorites -- and these were titles that **typically** never get checked out of the library. Can't wait to give it a try!

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