Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letting my babies go

I don't have kids, but I can imagine that sending our **brand new** Kindles out for circulation is kind of like putting your kindergartner on the bus for the first time (Image from here). I wanted to swaddle them in layers of protective bubble wrap, but I resisted the urge, gritted my teeth, and handed them over.

Our reserve list for Hunger Games is so long that I couldn't justify letting six perfectly good copies sit in my cupboard on the Kindles. So, even though our covers haven't arrived, I started handing them out yesterday.

The response is OVERWHELMING! The kids are loving them!! My new favorite thing is to call a totally unsuspecting kid down to the library, put a Kindle in their hands and tell them they can TAKE IT HOME. In the twenty-four hours they've been out, I've had a bunch of kids clamoring for part of the action.

8th Grade Kid: "Mrs. Cesari, you know that thing? You know, that thing? You gave my friend a thing."

Me: "What thing?"

8th Grade Kid: "You know, the thing! That thing with the books on it."

Me: "A Kindle?"

8th Grade Kid: "Yeah, that thing. I want one. Can I have one?"

The kids who ARE lucky enough to have a "thing" are enthusiastically enjoying the experience, though one reported that he can't actually get a lot of reading done because everybody keeps staring over his shoulder and asking what he's doing.

So far, these are the books I've got on the Kindles:

The Hunger Games Trilogy
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy
Maze Runner I and Maze Runner II
Burned, Tricks, and Fallout

I'd had really good luck finding Kindle editions of everything I wanted -- until I tried to add Laurie Halse Anderson's Chains and Forge. Neither one is available on the Kindle. :( Otherwise, we're loving Kindle circulation and glad we pushed those babies out of the nest.

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