Monday, August 3, 2009

Worth a 1,000 words

Pictures are amazing. They do so much for us. It's really true that pictures are worth 1,000 words. I bet you guys LOVE pictures. I've noticed that some of you aren't the biggest fans of having to write. Although text does have an important place in web design, sometimes a picture can more easily and more effectively convey the same ideas, without words!
I think this picture represents me the best:

It's a picture from Stock Exchange. It's a picture of a tree really early in the morning. It represents me best because I loooove tress, and I'm a total morning person. I love the quiet and stillness of 6:00 AM, and the fact that I'm the only one up. 

Today, I want you to find an image using one of the 3 sites we talked about (,, and Paste a link to the image in your comment. Then, tell me what it's a picture of, and why it represents you.


    i make a lot of mistakes like this one!


    I like music :)


    It's a pic of a flower and it represents me because well first of all I love flowers and I love to take pictures of them and to draw them but it also represents me because it has raindrops on it and I love the rain and because I love the nighttime. I love close ups of flowers and a lot of the pics i take are close ups. I think it's cool using the digital micro or something like that cause i think everything looks so much cooler up close. The petals look delicate and I love a real simple and delicate type of look and i love all the colors in that picture, but actually i love all colors sooo yeahh.

  4. i'm putting a mustang gt-h because i like mustangs


  5. is a picture of a colorful rainbow CD, it represents me because I love music-Nicole

  6. Lisette,

    Are you a photographer? That's AWESOME!!

    - Lindsay