Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's your plan?

Alright, so today I want to know what kind of marvelous, amazing, creative web site you plan on building. Please answer these questions:

1) Are you going to use Google Sites or straight-up HTML?
2) What is the purpose of your site?
3) Who is your audience?
4) What will your content include?
5) Describe the creative vision for your site - colors, designs, feeling, theme?


  1. 1. neither
    2. to inform
    3. halo 3 players
    4. maps and videos
    5. a good site


  2. I am planning on using webs.com. The purpose of my site is to inform people of music stores and shows they might not think about every day. My audience is kids my age and older maybe. 4.it will include my favorite shows music and stores and why I like them and why other kids and adults would like them. 5. I pllan on changing the background color of my site, and to maybe get different pictures I made on my own.-nicole

  3. 1) html
    2) dance website
    3) people who like dance-any age
    4) my website describes dif types of dance and has dance videos
    5) i have 2 dance pictures and theyre both not real people, theyre just black and dont have a face. my theme is dance so the creative vision relates to dance and idk what color yet, im still trying lots of different colors. -lisette

  4. I plan to up my site and try to fig how to better my gaming site-Mark

  5. 1) webs
    2 gaming
    3 kids 8-18
    4 videos, games and cheats


  6. 1)I'm going to use webs
    2)My site is to offer fashion tips
    3)Women and teen girls
    4)Tips, new trends, and how-tos in fashion for the season
    5)I want the colors to be coordinating to give off a high fashion vibe


  7. 1: Webs
    2: To provide free games to people
    3: Anyone
    4: Free open source or flash games.
    5: Its green. ^-^


  8. Google
    People who like gaming
    -Joe C

  9. 1) webs.com
    2) Help people look their best every day.
    3) Women & teen girls... any makeup users.
    4) Beauty tips, step-by-step makeup looks, makeup trends.
    5) Gold & brownish colors, a warm feeling.


  10. 1.I'm going to use google because it's alot easier and I hope to be able to do more the HTML can.
    2.The purpose of my site is to inform people that recycling will help the planet. And I hope to encourage people to take better care of the earth.
    4.pictures, text, maybe some videos later.
    5.Some of my site makes you feel sad some happy, and some makes you ant to get up and help right now. My colors are earthy.