Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nicole: Looks great. I love the clean, simplicity of your design. Like we talked about yesterday, I'd like to see some text for each of your favorites -- good start with Owl City -- you'll probably want to add some pictures, too. Give the visitor a little motivation to click the link. Tell me why that thing is so great. Why do you love it? Describe what I can find there. Also remember to develop the "about you" section.

Connor: Nice job adding a review -- I really think it will be helpful for people who play these games. I'd like to see you add a screen shot or two to the reviews. Please continue add more reviews today, and complete the info section you created.

Lissy: I've got my fingers crossed for you today!! I hope webs works for you -- how frustrating! You're off to a good start with you site - you're using HTML, and not a visual editor, right? I know that takes a ton of extra work, so that's great. Today, it'd be great if you could link to each style of dance that you describe in a video. Maybe add famous people who do that style? Also, can you create a little "about me" section of the site?

Jason: Good start - I especially like the banner you created. There are a few things I have questions on -- what's the point of the maps? Do they help players to see the map before hand? Is that something they can't easily access in the game itself? Scratch that, I just had my husband, a Halo player, look at it, and he gets the point of the maps. On the videos, I'd like to see a description, so I can decide if I want to take the time to watch it. Is the second video really appropriate?!?!? Remember to add a little bit about yourself in the "contact us" section.

Joe: Your Wii site is looking good. You have all the right tabs and sections -- now you just need to fill them out a little bit. We talked about writing reviews for the games of the day, so hopefully you'll get to that, and also fill out the about me section.

Mark: Your site is great, but I don't think that the model picture positively contributes to your site design in the about me section. It's your site, so you can do what you want, but I think you could do better there. I'd like to see some reviews and/or descriptions above or below each game.

Andrea: Did you have more on your site yesterday? Maybe I'm not clicking the right thing -- I can't find the great section on how to wear plaid skirts. Maybe you just haven't published it yet? Anyway, what I saw yesterday was really wonderful - your writing is creative and spot on. Continue to add images, as we discussed, and maybe create that back to school list. Don't forget to fill out the "about me" section.

Alyssa - Looking great. You've done an excellent job writing the content. I appreciate that you've put so much time into creating really excellent writing -- I know it takes some tough brain power to generate such a great product. Continue to work on the things we discussed yesterday, including images of the trends you discuss.

Braiden: You're off to a good start. I'd like to see some content on the welcome screen. Maybe a few pictures, and a little bit about the purpose of your site. Can you add an "about me" section, too?

Joe: I didn't get to see your site yesterday, but I know you're working really hard with the HTML. You get mega bonus points for doing it the hard way!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you and I'm hoping that you don't have a problem with webs today!!

Overall -- everyone's doing an amazing job!!! :)

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