Friday, July 31, 2009

CSS - Can you tell I just taught myself last month?

Above: A Self-Taught Cat
from: Funny Education Pictures

Okay, so I'll be honest. I had no idea how to use CSS until I taught it to myself in June.

That's the great thing about web design - if you're interested in learning something, there are so many amazing resources out there to help you. Best of all, 99% of them are available free, and online, so the only thing you really need is an Internet connection and a little motivation. Many, many people working in web design are self taught, or only a little instruction in a classroom setting.

Has there ever been anything you wanted to learn so badly that you just decided to teach yourself? What was it and why did you make that decision? Is there anything that you'd love to learn how to do, but you just haven't found the motivation yet?


  1. I really wanted to learn how to make wallets out of ductape. So I just decided to teach myself because I was bored one day. Also, they look cool and are water-proof! And I really want to learn how to scuba dive, but I am not near a suitable ocean and do not have equipment.-nicole

  2. Yup, it was html, so i tought some to myself. And no, there isn't anything I am too lazy to learn. visit :P

  3. yes juggling, cuz its awesome and i can get clubs going, and juggling knives.-Mark

  4. no there hasnt been anything i have taught my self. I have learned that how to make color so no i dont have anything id love how to do.

  5. i think when i was little i want to be a rocket ship and now i cant find the motovation because i know that people cant be rocket ships

    ~~~~~~braiden garner~~~~~~

  6. 1)Yes
    2)B/C what we were trying to learn something cool.
    -Joe C

  7. I have taught myself how to play piano when i was really little cause my mom would always play songs to me so i'd teach myself nursery songs and stuff cause like i said i was really little like 4 and i taught myself to play guitar cause i always loved the guitar and thought that it was really cool. I want to learn how to cook cause i'm a really bad cook and would probably start a fire. ~lisette

  8. 1.I taught myself how to do some of the things by myself.
    2. I made that decision because I wanted my website to look cool.
    3.How to have different sections.

  9. I'm impressed! Some of you have really gone out of your way to learn new things. It's just so different when you WANT to know how to do something -- teaching yourself because you're interested is a total 180 from learning something in school because you have to. :)

    - Lindsay